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Sayings-funny-quotes1Welcome! I’m Jerilee, and this will be my home online for the next few years. Remember, you’re more than welcome to visit whenever you’d like!

I have a passion for meaningful (or sometimes just fun) quotes that I find online. I don’t know what it is about them, and a lot of my friends say that I have a corny personality — but if that’s it then so be it! I’m not just into quotes that I find online, though. I actually carry around a little notebook specifically for quotes that I like. If you ever see me scribbling to myself, that’s no diary I’m keeping — I’m most likely writing down something that you said! Words are very important, and being articulate with them is a true gift. I won’t say that I have that talent, but those who do should be recognized. Hopefully that’s part of what I’ll do here.

I consider myself a pretty healthy person. I’ve recently gotten more and more into vitamins and supplements, and have begun to experiment with different alternative treatments for various ailments that may come over me. I’m not saying I’m going to avoid the doctor — I’m not that drastic! — just that next time my head hurts, I prefer to brew a cup of hot tea and light an aromatic candle then pop an aspirin. Sometimes it’s hard not to turn to the Western quick-fixes, because they’re just so convenient, but I’ve made a personal decision to begin to treat my body the way that it deserves to be treated — and by that, I mean with love! Sure, it’d be easier to take a pill, but why should I take the easy way out when the natural route is possibly more effective, healthier in the long run, and lacking of any bothersome side effects? There’s absolutely no reason that I should.

Anyway, I invite you to have a look around my blog. Enjoy your stay!



Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Review – HOT MOM

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mother of 3I am a mother of three. I have been unemployed but still working at home dedicatedly. Last 2007, I gave birth to my eldest and it was a caesarean section. They say that everyone who has that kind of delivery would easily get fat and hard to recover. I believed it because until now that I have 3 kids I have never felt so heavy in my life. My youngest is 3 years old and I am supposed to be shedding off weight because of too much work at home and online too. My friends and relatives would ask me if I’m pregnant again, and sometimes it made me cry.

Life before Garcinia Cambogia Ultra

I started looking for slimming products. I bought a stationary bike, but didn’t help me. I bought a treadmill, but I never lose weight, I gained more because after too much activity I would eat much.

Living with Garcinia Cambogia Ultra

Then I learned about Garcinia Cambogia Ultra, the saviour of my fat belly, as I call it. I don’t know how it started but the moment I took a capsule and slept on it, the next day I feel no hunger, or may be a bit only, smelling bacon and eggs in the morning used to be an irresistible thing for me, but for the first time, I gave my part to them. I just drink water and read the newspaper. I am like that for the next 2 weeks and results are amazing. Yes, I may have eaten quite a few times, especially if there was a family gathering I couldn’t resist, took some finger foods and water.Fit Mom

After taking Garcinia Cambogia Ultra for 3 months, 2 capsules a day, I shed 20 lbs and lost an incredible 5 inches on my waist. It was a great achievement for me as I have never felt so good with my weight for so very long.

Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Changes

My neighbour-friends used to joke on me having belly fat but now they told me that I can be a model again. I used to pose on magazines before and now it was great and awesome feeling to regain the figure close to my mid-20s looks.

My husband now never takes overtime and comes straight home. Family bonding was never this great. And not to mention the sweetness and intimate moments we share almost every day.

I am really glad that Dina offered me Garcinia Cambogia Ultra. That was a memorable day for me because it made me real again. Able to go out and shop for new clothes, this time five times smaller than my usual big size. I cannot contain or express in details how Garciania Cambogia Ultra helped me in my weight dilemma. What seems to be a hopeless thing for me is now possible because of this product.

Garcinia Cambogia Ultra Success

The five years of weight struggle was over because of a great invention that is Garcinia Cambogia Ultra. Good thing I found the right one, some Garcinia Cambogia brands claim they are authentic, please do a research first before giving your full trust to a product. GAUUsing fake ones would be harmful to your health. Seek consultations about this product and you’ll be surprised in no time, the dream weight and figure you’ve been longing for a long time, can be achieve now. Start now and stop having second thoughts. I did try, and look now! I have the ideal weight, great figure, healthy lifestyle now and a happy me, all in one.

I may have achieved the ideal weight and figure now but I decided to continue using the product because it has other health benefits too besides weight loss.

Toe Fungus

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Onychomycosis is a fungal condition that affects the toe by entering and developing under the toe nail. This condition also affects the finger nails but is more likely to infect the feet. Millions of people in the world get this infection but those with weak immune systems as well as advanced in age are more likely to be affected by this condition.  From the age of 60 and above, this fungal infection is very common. People suffering from diabetes are also among those most affected by this fungal infection.

The toenail fungus causes are as varied as the people involved. Due to the different factors that lead to toenail fungus, it becomes hard in many cases to diagnose exactly how the infection was acquired. The result of this is that reNail fungusinfection or reoccurrence becomes hard to prevent. The risk of toenail fungus infection becomes even higher when a toe is broken or has a tear.

Wet and warm conditions like those that are found in showers or locker room promote the development of the fungus responsible for the infection of the toe nail. Studies have also shown that men contact the toenail fungus more than women. Poor hygiene may not be necessarily the cause of this infection but does promote the growth and spread of this toe nail infection to other people. When toes are cut jagged or too short they may be more exposed and increase the risk of infection. This means that people have to be careful about how they cut and care for their nails.

It is important to take preventative measures once your toes have been infected to avoid the spread to other toes as well as to other people. If these measures are not taken then reoccurrence is inevitable.

The symptoms and diagnosis of the toenail fungus are easy to spot if you are paying normal attention to the condition of your feet and hands. Painless spots that are white or yellow in colour are the first visible signs of this infection in the initial phase. When skin under the nail is dislodged then what appears are the yellow and white colored spots.

When immediate and proper treatment is not administered on this toenail fungal infection the symptoms may become severe. The toenail may begin to crumble and eventually fall off. The affected area also becomes very painful and this makes walking and wearing of shoes very stressful. At this point a visit to the doctor or physician would be the next step and a fungal test to diagnose the infection has to be done. This is to help your physician determine the source and type of infection before the right treatment can be prescribed.

For more information about different nail fungus issues and treatments click here.

My Review of Fungavir – The Best for Nail Fungus Infections

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I have to be honest with you; I love to swim.  I am always around the pool, in the pool or thinking about going to the pool when it gets warm out and the weather is right.  However, who knew that the love I have for swimming would cause me to end up with something as horrible as nail fungus!

It started out slowly and I didn’t realize the problems that can come with nail fungus, so I ignored it and hoped it would go away on its own.  Well, of course it didn’t, which is no surprise.  So, once my nails became brown, chipped and broken I knew I had to do something and do it fast.  I was not going to walk around the pool with my nails looking so bad How embarrassing!

So, I did some checking around to see what kind of treatment options were available for nail fungus.  I came up with a few, but I had to really make sure that my fungus was going to actually go away and stay away!  Then I began to read about Fungavir online and I couldn’t believe my eyes.  It was everything I was looking for a treatment plan.

Fungavir was an all natural treatment that allowed me to use it for as long as I needed to and it got rid of the fungus I had, but would keep it from coming back.  What a relief!  So, I immediately sent away for it because I figured what the heck.  It comes with a money back guarantee and I didn’t have anything to lose by trying it.  But, I did not have to use that money back guarantee and neither will you when you use it.

It is a dual action treatment that will not only address the nail fungus that I have now, it will also keep future nail fungus infections from coming back again and again, like they sometimes do.  And Fungivar was created by a team of doctors and researchers specifically for nail fungus infections.  I was impressed after reading all about it and there is not a doubt in my mind that you’ll be impressed too!  However, I have to say, while I was impressed with what I read, I was much more impressed with the results of Fungavir.  There is nothing out there like it, I’m sure!

Fungavir got rid of my nail fungus infection and has been keeping it from recurring for a long time now.  The results were amazing and I have been telling everyone I know that they should use it if they ever find themselves with a nail fungus infection.  You see, a lot of my friends are swimmers just like I am and I feel sure that at some point they will be stricken with a nail infection too.

If you are like I was, with the brown, chipped, ugly, painful nails because of a nail fungus infection, then you have to know that you won’t find anything better on the market today for treating it than Fungavir.  It will take care of all of your nail fungus problems and your feet will look as great as mine do over time!

I can now walk around the pool again without feeling embarrassed about the way my feet look and the best part is, I can wear my sandals againOnce I got the nail infection and before Fungavir saved my nails, I would have died before I put on a pair of sandals.  I didn’t want anyone looking at my nails because they looked absolutely horrible!  In my life, barefoot is back in and sandals are back in thanks to Fungivar!

And, Fungivar is not only good for working on toenail fungus infections, you can also use it on your fingernails when they become infected.  So, in one bottle you can treat both toe and fingernail fungus infections.  You don’t have to have more than one type of treatment.

So, my friends, all I can say to you is that if you start to see a nail fungus infection appearing, don’t wait until it’s completely taken over your nails.  Start using Fungavir the day you realize that an infection is on its way, and that way it won’t get out of hand and you can help make your feet (or hands) look even better than they did before!

I whole-heartedly endorse this product because I have used it, I believe in it and I have seen the wonderful results that Fungavir can offer you.  I saw what it did for me and I want everyone to know exactly what type of product it is.  It worked for me and it will work just as well for you.  So, kiss that nail fungus infection good-bye and say hello to wonderfully, happy, healthy feet!

Health Benefits of Strength Training

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So many of us tend to focus completely on cardio when we begin an exercise program, but while cardio is important, so is strength training.  When focusing on our overall health getting in some strength training can be extremely important in getting where you want to be physically.

Strength training does not mean simply lifting weights and looking like a weight lifter.  Weight training, resistance training and isometric training are all types of strength training and have many health benefits.  Some of those include:

• Body fat reduction – Reducing your body fat is all part of becoming healthy.  You will lose body fat while at the same time gaining body muscle.  Your body is more toned and looks better.

• Decrease blood pressure – Strength training can reduce your blood pressure.  This is important as it puts you at a lower risk of heart disease.

• Improved functional capacity – Strength training makes you much stronger and much more able to function normally.  You will use muscles that you normally use during the day to help with normal daily activities.

• Relieve low back pain – For those of us who suffer from lower back pain, this type of exercise can help to reduce that pain making it easier for us to move around normally.

• Stronger muscles – Those who practice strength training are less likely to experience as much muscle mass loss and experience fewer falls that those who are aging might experience.

• Diabetes – Resistance exercise has been shown to be efficient in improving integrated glucose concentration, which includes reducing peak glucose concentrations in those women who suffer from Type 2 diabetes.

• Improvement in posture – Those who participate in some form of strength training can see a visible improvement in their posture.  Your muscles in your back work harder to help you stand taller and stronger.

• Improvement in balance and coordination – Practicing strength training will also help to improve your balance and coordination.  Thus, resulting in fewer falls or losing your balance as you age.

You can see all that the health benefits of strength training are essential for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  So see what types of exercises you can start adding in to the exercise plan that you have right now.  You will look and feel better!

Add Dairy to Your Diet the Smart Way

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If you are working toward healthy eating, one worry might be that you add too much dairy to your diet because dairy products are usually considered high fat foods.  However, if you can add the right kind of dairy to your meals then it doesn’t have to have a negative impact on those calories you are counting.

As a matter of fact, some studies have shown that dairy can actually help contribute to your weight loss and a healthy body, because it helps provide your body with the calcium it requires.  Calcium that is found in dairy products is much better for you than any other source of calcium.

You can include dairy products into your diet that are low-fat, and that includes cheese and milk products.  Those who increase their ingestion of low-fat dairy to 3-4 servings each day, as researched by Perdue University, have noticed a twenty-eight percent increase in the amount of fat they burn when they exercise.

You can begin by adding foods like cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, low-fat yogurt, and skim milk to your daily meals.  When you increase your consumption of these foods it will help your body function much better.

While most people associate calcium with strong teeth and bones it does contribute to a decrease in osteoporosis but it has other benefits for you to enjoy, like regulating your heartbeat.  When your body doesn’t get enough calcium, it will create a hormone known as calcitriol, which will cause it to pack calcium into your fat cells which will result in weight gain.

To start adding dairy and calcium to your diet, rather than have that muffin in the morning eat cereal with low-fat milk.  Instead of drinking soft drinks during the day drink more milk and substitute milk for water when a recipe calls for water.

If you are preparing a soup try to use a milk base rather than a broth base if you want to increase your dairy consumption.  Milk can be used to make rice and risotto dishes creamier.

Or, you can just make a conscious choice to drink one 8 ounce glass of low-fat milk with each meal of your day.

Create Your Own Health Gym on a Budget

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Why pay those outrageous fees to join your neighborhood gym when you can create one of your own for next to nothing at home?  You will be able to exercise in the comfort of your own home while doing whatever it is you enjoy doing while working out.  You can watch TV or listen to YOUR favorite tunes playing on the stereo.  Remember, it’s your gym; you can do whatever you want to in it.  But make sure you keep working out in it!

Here are a few things you will need and some of them you might already have:

• A yoga mat – Even if you don’t do yoga as part of your routine, it’s good to have the yoga mat (or some type of mat) to protect your back, head and your knees when doing exercises on the floor.

• Hand held dumbbells – These can be purchased extremely cheap at any retail store.  You can get one set to start off with (like about 5 lbs) and increase as your workout increases in intensity.  If you can’t afford those, make your own.  They don’t have to be dumbbells; you can use a liter of soda or water for a good substitute.

• A fitness ball – Using a fitness ball to do sit-ups will put less strain on your back than sitting in the floor doing regular crunches.  If you can’t afford one, make your own with several cushions from your couch or a few pillows piled on one another.  The good thing about that too is that they don’t roll out from under you!

• Jump rope – Jumping rope isn’t just for kids and it can gain you some strong leg muscles.  A good one can be purchased for a small amount of money at any retail store in your area in the fitness equipment.

There are also exercises you can do that don’t cost you anything.  Do lunges, kickboxing, walking, running in place, any type of movement will be good exercise for you and you don’t have to spend anything.

So when you consider spending the money to join a gym, think about using that money to make your own home gym.  You might be happier at home doing the workout and if you have a family, they might want to join YOUR gym!

Walking for Exercise

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You see it every day as it blazes from the cover of every magazine out there, but the truth is, walking does work.  You should take 10,000 steps per day on any given day.  Are you doing that now or are you the one who circles around the parking lot of every store that you go to until you find that prized first spot?

If you are one of those people, get out of that habit now!  Park in the first space you come to and start walking to the store.  You’ll be in a lot quicker than you would have been if you had still been in your car circling and you will be getting the exercise that the person in the front spot isn’t getting.  Is the spot really worth your health?  Hey, it can also save a ding on your car door too!

When you go to work each morning rather than take the space closest to the door, take one in a different parking lot or further away.  Take those extra steps to get into the building and you will be glad that you did.  You will feel invigorated as you reach the front door and you will have gotten part of the walking done for the day that you needed to.

Take your dog for a walk.  Your dog needs the exercise and outdoor air just like you do.  If they are fenced in the backyard, put that leash on them and give them a dose of different scenery.  Let them see that there is a world beyond their backyard.  You will become healthier and so will your dog.

Put your kid in a stroller and take them for a walk.  You will enjoy it as much as your child does.  If you have an older child, make the walk an adventure.  Let them collect leaves or flowers that they haven’t seen before.  Point out the things in nature and let them explore what is around them.

Find a friend in the office or in the neighborhood and walk together.  You can bond with other ladies while getting in your exercise for the day.  Laugh and talk and just enjoy the time together while you walk.  All of you will feel refreshed and feel better about yourselves.

No matter what you do to start walking, just do it now!  You are missing out on some good health and possibly some good family or friend time.  So, put down this article or shut down your computer and go walk around the block. Chances are, you’ll feel like taking a second lap once you get started!

Why Home Remedies are Best

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There are several reasons that home remedies should be used when it comes to taking care of you.  Not only does this include home remedies for medical conditions, but also for helping you to look and feel better.  Below are five of the best reasons for using home remedies for all sorts of things:

  Safer – If you use all natural home remedies then you do not run any risk of any negative side effects.  There are things you might ingest or rub on your skin, but in most cases, neither will break you out in hives or cause you stomach problems.  They are used to help you, not hurt you.

  Less expensive – Most of the ingredients you will find in home remedies are things you have in your kitchen anyway.  You don’t have to run out to the drugstore and pay outrageous prices for something to treat a simple stomach ache or head ache.  You can find what you need sitting right in your cabinets, pantry and refrigerator if you know what you are looking for.

They actually work – Contrary to popular belief; the remedies that have been talked about and used for centuries really do work.  Whether you want to relieve the pain of a headache or simply make your hair shinier, home remedies have a way of bringing out the best in all of us.

You are in control – With home remedies you have the option of using whatever ingredients you want to use.  You don’t have to buy some manufactured remedy that someone has already put additives into that you have never heard of.  If you control what goes in your body the way you want it to, then you can help maintain a sense of control over your body as well as your mind.

They save time – If you decide to use a home remedy to help cure you, or make you look better, then using the ingredients you have laying around saves you a lot of time.  You never have to leave your house, you don’t have to read numerous labels, and you don’t have to stand in line to speak with a pharmacist about what the best product is for what you want.  You have it all right there handy where you need it, when you need it.

Start looking around now to see what is in your cupboard that can help you or make your life better when it comes to illnesses or looking and feeling better and chances are, you will come up with some great stuff.

The Importance of Regular Exercise

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Feeling low and too lazy to take your body off the bed? Perhaps this scenario is very common to most individuals right now. Sedentary lifestyles are on of the reasons why there are a lot of people whoa re not healthy. If you want to enjoy life more, you can’t just eat all that you want and maintain an idle lifestyle. Burn that fat and start to wiggle; hype up and get the energy you need for the day.

We were born to be physically active. All of our body parts depend on what we take in (such as food ) that gives us nourishment, along with what we do with it (exercise) which will help our organs maintain equilibrium.

Exercise maintains good blood circulation, increases heart strength, improves lung capacity, and enhances blood oxygen levels. These are just few of the positive things that  can result from exercise. If you exercise regularly,you will prevent undesirable physical conditions.

Though current trends have made things easier for all of us and high-tech things have reduced our need to do more physically, we still need to take care of our bodies and them them alive and active. There are a variety of exercise routines you can choose from. If you love dancing, you can incorporate it into your routine and have it be a regular exercise. Dancing is a very popular physical activity which isn’t merely for enjoyment, but will also provide you with a good exercise routine. Yoga is becoming one of the most popular exercise options, especially for those wanting to have more delicate and rejuvenating workouts. Aerobics can be a good option too, because it is an all-time-favorite for individuals of all ages.

There are so many exercises and workout options you can choose from. You can replace one with another if you think you need a more exciting one. The most important thing is that you exercise regularly.

Eat Well and be Healthy!

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Maintaining a healthy habit can be such a challenge especially when you are engaged with so many commitments and you feel like there is no time to carefully plan out a very healthy lifestyle. But keeping a healthy habit doesn’t have to be such a trouble. All you need is to have the will to start one good habit then things will follow.

One of the most important parts in maintaining a healthy habit is by monitoring your diet and nutrition. Focusing on your diet doesn’t mean not eating at all or simply skipping meals. In fact, staying healthy requires adequate intake of food. There are just some things worthy of note when planning out a healthy diet, here they are:

1. Small Frequent Meals – Contrary to common knowledge that skipping meals makes you lose weight, it actually renders more tendency of gaining weight especially if you are unable to control your food intake. When you restraint yourself from eating on a certain meal, you tend to get more hungry then tempting you to eat more. While eating regularly with moderation keeps your metabolism active thus preventing fat storage in your body. Practice eating on time and stop skipping meals.

2. Eat right – There is what we call the food pyramid providing the type and amount of food you need to regularly eat to be healthy. Eating enough carbohydrates, more fruits and vegetables and enough meat and oil will keep your diet in the right track.

3. Choose natural, fresh and a variety of foods – Skip preservatives and choose fresh, natural kind of foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. Eating a variety of foods also offers the nourishment your body needs.

All these can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stick to these healthy habits and you will surely get the ideal weight you want.